Thursday, July 26, 2007

Holy Crap!

We're back!

Marlene and Arthur here! Where were we? You wonder? Did we get washed away or something? How is Turbot? What's with those Cracked magazine revews?

Let me just say this, "We have had a time."

We won't go into all of it on this post. Really, we just want to say "Hello" to folks who have read our stuff in the past. There's nothing like a long trip to clear your head. And, did we ever take a long trip?

Yes. We did.

Arthur is six inches taller and has a beard! Marlene has lost ten pounds and won a pie eating contest in Duluth! How's that for you?

A beard! Duluth! You guys are nuts! Yes.

Turbot is no more. We are writing to you from Berchard, Nebraska - Home of the First Money Roll! You know, they invented that little paper roll you put pennies in. They're real nice people. We don't have the trailer anymore. We have a pickup with one of those trailer things on top. We're happy. But, we're busy with new jobs and everything so...

Stay tuned! We'll have more info for you soon. What a story!

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